Poultry Feeds
Layer Feeds
Complete nutrition for laying hens, including protein and calcium for egg production.
Albers Hi-Lay 16%
Pellets or Crumbles
50# bag $16.99
Bar-Ale Pellets or Crumbles
No corn, no soy, non-GMO
40# bag $22.99
Home Grown Crumbles
No corn, no soy
50# bag $16.99
Purina Organic
Pellets or Crumbles
35# bag $25.99
Patriot Farms
Whole Grain Layer Feed
40# bag $22.99
Scratch and Peck
Organic Whole Grain
Layer Feed
40# bag $30.99
All-Purpose Poultry Feeds
Suitable for poultry and waterfowl of all life stages
Albers All-purpose Poultry &
Waterfowl Crumbles
50# bag $16.99
Purina Flock Raiser
25# bag $9.99
Bar-Ale All-purpose Pellets
No corn, no soy, non-GMO
40# bag $23.99
Starter Feeds
For chicks and young chickens up to 8 weeks of age.
Purina Start & Grow Medicated

25# bag $9.99
50# bag $17.99
Supplemental Feed and Grains
Albers Scratch Grains
Cracked corn and wheat
50# bag $13.79
Purina Sunfresh Scratch
Cracked corn and wheat
25# bag $7.49
Home Grown Scratch Grains
Cracked corn, wheat, oats,
barley, and milo
50# bag $14.49
Grainland Select
Cracked Corn
50# bag $12.29
Bar-Ale Cracked Corn
40# bag $20.49
Purina Flock Block
25# block $13.29
Prices subject to change. Call for current prices.
Last updated Sept. 18, 2018
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Grit and Calcium Supplements
Fine (chick) or coarse (hen)
50# bag $13.99
5# bag $3.99
Oyster Shell
50# bag $12.99
5# bag $3.99